Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Sleep is also a very important part of your kid’s mental and physical health because it allows your child’s mind and body to rest and recover.  The recommended sleep for kids…

Under 1 year12 to 16 hours /day
1 to 2 years1 to 14 hours/ day
3 to 5 years10 to 13 hours/ day
6 to 12 years9 to 12 hours/ day
13 to 18 years8 to 10 hours/ day

Sleep can help your child feel better, think more clearly, and concentrate better. It gives them the energy to complete tasks and can make you more here I am going to tell you the importance of good sleep for your kid…

1. Improve physical health

Sleep improves the physical health of kids.  During sleep, the body plays a heal and repairing activity. It also helps prevents many diseases.

2. Boost in brainpower

Good sleep helps in boosting brainpower. During sleep brain making the connection between different nerves and send information from one part to another part of the brain.

3. Increase energy

As sleep helps in maintaining good physical health so it helps in increasing energy in the body. So, if your kid had a good sound sleep at night then definitely, he or she will be full of energy the whole day.

4. Stronger immunity system

Sleep is also vital in regulating the immune system, making them less susceptible to diseases and illnesses, which is very important for the overall development of your kid.

5. Better mental health

some kids who don’t sleep enough having problems like Lacking interest, motivation, and attention for everyday tasks, forgetfulness, and blurred vision, etc. so good sleep is also very important for the better mental health of your kid.

6. Improve creativity

Those kids who sleep better at night are more likely to be a more efficient and more creative and in their tasks.