There are many times when your child refused to eat and it is quite frustrating and worried for a mom. You must have been left confused many-a-times about why your child refuse to eat. So, it is necessary for you to understand the reasons behind such behavior. So there are many reasons for this and some of them are here….

1. They are picky eaters

Some children like to eat only selected types of food and want only that food every time. So, whenever they get other things to eat hey refuse to eat. on the other hand, some children have other issues, such as gagging or difficulty swallowing or chewing with certain foods, so they refuse to eat.

2. They Don’t Like the Taste

Some children not like the taste of food that they are eating. You can add various things like ghee, butter, spices, etc. to make their food tastier. A regular Dal-Rice may taste better if you add a spoonful of ghee in it.

3. Childhood Behaviours

Toddlers are very interested in the world around them, so they have short attention spans for food. Some children want to play with their toys and friend and avoid food. t is very important to follow a proper feeding schedule during this phase.

4. They are Bored

As children grow their taste buds also develop so, if you are giving the same kind of food every day, they may get bored and refuse to eat. Try to have a different menu for each day. In fact, you must ask your children as well about what they would like to eat.

5. They are not hungry

Toddler appetites vary constantly because of growth spurts and variations in activity. So don’t force them to eat at that time, maybe they are not hungry at that time.

6. They are Spoon Feeders

Some children find it very difficult to get rid of the habit of being spoon fed by their parents. In such situation, they may refuse to eat when they are asked to eat on their own. You should try again and again to let them eat by their own and if they don’t eat by their own then you can feed them.

7. Facing Some Health Issues

Sometimes children may refuse to eat if they are coping with some health issues. Health issues like stomach aches or acidity may cause children to lose their appetite. Even if they are coping with common health problems like fever, sore throat, cough, or cold they may not feel like eating. So if they refuse to eat for long then you should consult your doctor.