We have heard or experienced it ourselves how digital devices have become such a huge part of our lives, some treat them like the entertainment option, others use devices as an essential tool of communication. In recent years, the problem of having children stuck to the screen is a common one.

Many of us today blame technology for being a bad influence on our kids and parents feel that technology has brought a gap between them and their kids. But technology, can also bridge that gap between us and our child. All we need to do is to make a good use of it.

1. Technology at school

Today most of the schools offer parents a complete online report of their child’s performance. This information is updated on a weekly basis and can be checked by parents through the Internet. You can also keep an eye on your child’s attendance this way. Also, technology has enabled teachers to directly inform the parents about issues that the child faces, if any, and also with the help of technology, children have learnt to really enjoy their education! Also, technology also makes it much easier for us to help our child with his home assignments and projects.

2. Scheduling screen time

It is recommended that screen time use of 1 hour a day for children between ages 2 to 5, is enough. while prioritizing time for sleep and play for older children before screen time is allowed. So, there are many tools available for parents to set limits on time spent using mobile devices. And scheduling screen time, the child will be bound by a fixed timing dictated by you. This sets a healthier routine and prevents your child from using the device during inappropriate times.

3. Child lock to access the apps

There are certain apps which are inappropriate to children, while others can encourage useful skills such as solving mathematical sums, writing a story or creating a 3D movie.

So, technology empowers parents to enable selected apps such as educational games, school assessment apps and Art & Craft related apps. This will help to enhance certain skills you want your child to have, instead of encouraging unhealthy addictions.

4. Home Supervision

Installing CCTV cameras has become very popular with parents today. And rit is necessary so, because CCTVs help you keep an eye on your child or his/her babysitter at all times. A lot of new CCTVs today also allow remote access, which means you can log on to the internet and keep an eye on your child via any computer. This comes as a big relief to parents who work or travel a lot, as they can check on their little one when they want to.

5. Tracking location of child

A child’s schedule is often packed with activities so we might find their location troublesome. So, to ensure that they reached home safely or they arrived to the desired destination, we can take the help of technology. With the help of simple mobile app, we can track our child’s location.

Even if the child were to switch off the device, parents will be able to trace their child’s last seen location. Have peace of mind knowing where your child is any time of the day. This minimises moments of uncomfortable interrogation for both parent and child.