Having a baby is a beautiful feeling and experience that comes with lots of responsibilities. Parents always want to keep their babies healthy and happy. Babies are constantly learning new things about their surroundings while playing. That is why you tend to buy lots of toys for the little ones which not only keep them entertained and engaged but also help them to learn new things.

But you also need to realize that before you buy any toy for kids, you should check the safety aspects of it. It is also important to see the ‘recommended age’ sticker while choosing a toy. So, choosing the right one for your child is very important. Here are some tips to follow when you are picking up some toys for your loved one…

1. The age-appropriate toys

Carefully read what the pack says. The age-appropriate recommendations are given on the pack which firstly help your child’s developmental needs and secondly, keep him/her safe. If you are getting him/her small blocks for making a tower, make sure that the pieces are not too tiny. They should be big enough to not fit completely in his mouth.

2. Musical toys

Good toys help kids to learn new skills and exercise relationships with others. Music can be one of the best ways to bring out the confidence in them along with teaching them soft skills. The little musical instruments, like the musical drum or singing doll, etc are best for your child.

3. keep the toys solid and simple

Avoid toys with sharp edges or that have toxic paints because children tend to put everything into their mouths. children usually involve throwing the toy about a few times and maybe even tossing it across the room for good measure. So, always buy durable products.

4. Toys that encourage physical exercise

Always try to buy toys that encourage physical exercise like jump ropes, balls, basic sports equipment, skates, age-appropriate riding toys. Too many of our kids lack physical confidence and competence.

5. Common household items as toys

Never avoid the happiness which common household items have been providing for ages. Some things at home can act like safe toys such as plastic measuring cups, wooden spoons, paper bags, and cardboard boxes. They offer a lot of fun than those expensive toys in the market. And you can also give them as bath-time play toys. But make sure that you are around when you give them something like paper bags or other items on which he/she could choke.

The toys which encourage your child to use their creativity and problem-solving skills are the best toys to give your toddlers. Some of them are Balls, Building blocks, Play Kitchen set or play toolbox, Art & Craft stuff, etc.