Every day we hear more about the importance of nutrition in the health of children, as well as in the health of adults. The hectic lifestyle of the modern-day has led mothers to offer many quick-fix meals for their children and family. This makes the children get into wrong eating habits which results in child obesity and give rise to many serious diseases.

Childhood is the time to learn healthy habits to last a lifetime. Healthy eating helps your child feel better, be at a healthy weight, and even perform better in school and sports.  It often takes time and patience to develop healthy eating habits, so don’t get discouraged! Keep trying again and again.

Here I am sharing some tips and my personal experiences to encourage your child to eat healthy food….

1.  Try to cook healthy food more often

Always try to cook healthy food. our children are more likely to eat healthy food if you have them ready to eat. Avoid eating in restaurants especially when it is more often. Prepare tasty healthy foods and stylishly present them so that your child loves to eat them.

2. Start Early

If you can start early and help your child eat healthy from the very beginning, it will last for a lifetime and save him from many health disorders. I have seen many children that their parents gave them junk food, packed foods like chips when they were very small, and after that when they grow up their parents force them to eat healthy foods then they refused to eat and become cranky.

3. Be a healthy role model

You are the most important influence on your child, so lead by example with establishing your own healthy eating habits. If you eat healthily then your children by themselves learn to eat healthy food. If you eat more fruits and vegetables then they will also do the same and if you eat junk food or packed food items then will also follow you.

4. Try to serve all food items at each meal

When you serve your children lunch, give them a tiny portion of all foods being served.  So, if lunch is Dal, Rice, mixed veg and salad, serve about a bite of each.  Assure them that once those samples are gone, they can have more of whatever they wish.  It can take several tries of food for someone to develop a taste for it. 

5. Do not force them to clean their plate

 Allow your child to tell you when they are full and finished eating. They will naturally regulate the amount they eat so do not force them to finish what is on the plate.

6. Encourage to drink more water. 

Most drinks like juices, cold drinks, are not good for health, in that they have little nutritional value and simply raise blood sugar and can cause weight gain. 

7. Involve Children in Food Shopping and Preparation

When you go shopping for groceries, fruits & vegetables take your children along and encourage them to choose the food items that are healthy and nutritious. When you are preparing food, also try to involve them They can help you in preparing salad.