When we travel independently, we can go anywhere and anytime with little luggage bur when the baby is our companion then we have to think twice while making a traveling plan. Suddenly, every little thing starts becoming important and before we know we have a big list of things to carry while traveling with a baby on a train, or even via an airplane. This leaves us worried and confused about what to do or what not to do.

So here are few tips which will allow you to travel with peace of mind and not worry needlessly.

1. Breastfeed or bottled milk

Breast milk is the easiest to prepare when you’re on the road. Breastfeeding not only eliminates lugging bottles, nipples, sterilizing, equipment, formula, etc. but also babies will be getting valuable antibodies that will protect against illness when you’re away from home. but if your baby drinks bottled milk then have extra spare bottles for milk.

2. Formula Packets

Carry extra formula milk for your baby so that you dint need to search any shop suddenly.

3. Front sling Or a baby carrier.

Slings can help you carry the baby, but they can also be substituted by a blanket, changing pad, or nursing cover. If slings aren’t your thing, many lightweight cloth baby carriers offer excellent support, keep your hands free.


When you’re traveling, a stroller is not just a stroller, it is a high chair and a bed.  Good strollers are easy to push, and most are easy to fold up when needed. In warmer climes, slings and carriers can become uncomfortable, so a stroller can offer some shade as well.

5. Wipes

Diaper wipes are a traveling parent’s best friend. Not only do they serve their intended purpose, but they also mop up spit-up, sticky hands, and faces; serve as toilet paper and can clean any number of gross surfaces that you or baby may need to touch.


The diaper should be the most important thing ion your list. Always keep some spare diapers every two hours.

7.First aid kit

Always carry general medicines of cough, cold, fever, colic, and ointments if your baby hurts herself. Also carry mosquito repellent, thermometer, etc.

8. Buy a Seat for Your Baby

For a long-haul flight, having an extra seat for your child even if they’re under 2, when they can ride in your lap for free is a must. Flights are always smoother when your child has their own space.


You may be enjoying through your journey but your baby can get bored. Carry their favorite soft toy or rattle with them to keep them engaged.

10 Pacifiers or teething rings

Some times your baby is not hungry but still cranky then a pacifier will make your baby calm or if your baby is in the teething phase then you can give them teether so as to curb those urges to bite everything they see.