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A commitment statement is a simple expression of the promises you make to your customers about what you are going to do for them if they use your service.

So, it is not only a page with articulated points about your business and the value you offer. It could be expressed in different ways. Here are some example headline introductions like….

  • The secrets of XYZ Business’s great service.
  • The top ten reasons to use XYZ.
  •  The seven reasons our customers love us.
  • Our special commitments to you are. . .

You can make it in different ways, so here are some tips on how to create your commitment statement for your customer…..


  • Make a list of all the special things you do for your customers that you don’t tell anyone about.
  • Ask your staff to do the same.
  • Choose some of your best regular customers and conduct a short telephone survey. Choose a person to conduct the survey whois able to extract from your customers the essence of what motivates them to use your business.
  • Here are some sample questions:
    1. What do you expect when you use a service like ours?
    1. What would make it exceptional in your opinion?
    2. What are some of the reasons you use our service?
    3. What motivated you to use our service in the ¢rst place?
    4. What problems have we solved for you?
    5. What do you think we do well?
    6. In terms of continuing to use a service like ours, what is most important to you?
  • Use this information to create a list of up to ten major benefits.
  • Be succinct and honest.

What makes a commitment statement successful?

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Your commitment statement must be genuine and expressed in a way that ensures your customers believe in you and each statement needs to be honest, real, deliverable, and meaningful to your customers. You must convey value quickly and simply and your commitments should solve problems for your customers and provide answers to the questions they have inside their heads before they buy from you.

Why is it important?

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It is important to capture the essence of what you offer your customers. Business owners often walk on water for their customers but never tell a soul about it.

Your commitment statement is a way of communicating all that is really special about your service.

Your statement will highlight what matters to your customers and is most likely to motivate them to buy from you.Once you have articulated and communicated your promises, consistent delivery is vital.