The monsoon season provides some relief after a hot, dry summer. But the wet weather, along with the increased humidity and diseases bring many challenges.

For many new parents, this might be the first monsoon for your baby and, if he’s of the appropriate age, the experience of seeing rain might bring immense happiness to him. But monsoon also brings many infections, waterborne diseases, and mosquitoes. So, we have to take care of our children in this season. So, here I am sharing some tips which will help you in this monsoon…

Prepare fresh food

For toddlers who have begun solids, it is necessary to make fresh food for them for each meal. Formulas ought to be prepared in boiled water. All utensils used by the baby should be cleaned well after each feeding.

Typhoid is quite common during monsoon. It mainly affects children and occurs due to the consumption of contaminated food or water. Thus, to protect your child’s health this monsoon from contracting such diseases, ensure that they only eat freshly cooked food. Also, avoid street food along with meals in restaurants and hotels as there is no guarantee on how hygienic the food is.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Boost your child’s immunity. Give them a balanced diet and rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as it provides a lot of protective and nutritional value to the body. Avoid raw foods like salad and raw eggs as these can get contaminated fast. Also, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables in clean water before using and avoid feeding your child leftover food unless it is re-heated properly. For breastfeeding mothers, a good diet should be followed by you, too, since those nutrients are what will essentially be given to your child through your milk.

Keep your home clean and mosquito-free

Keep your house clean and dry during monsoon especially floors as children mostly play on floors especially crawling babies. Ensure that there is no water stagnation in and around your home by regularly draining vases and coolers. Use a mosquito net or keep all doors and windows of your home closed in the evenings. You can also apply repellents, mosquito nets to prevent him/her from mosquito bites.

Keep your child clean

keep your child dry and clean all the time. Always clean your child’s hands before they touch their meal. Also, give them a shower after they get wet or play in the rain. For small babies, change their diapers or nappies frequently so as to prevent any bacterial infection.

Choice of clothes

In monsoon, the rains bring down the temperature of the surrounding area and also increases the, let your child wear clothes made out of cotton that are thick, or light fabrics made partially from wool. These not only keep him warm but allows his skin to breathe, too.

Play outdoor carefully & avoid dirty areas

If your child wants to enjoy the rains, let him play for some time. Advise him to keep away from dirty areas and have fun in the vicinity of your home. Let them dry up as soon as they are back.