In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology every day, and it’s not always easy to compete with it and to enforce the amount of time our children spend with it. Because maximum brain development occurs by age 7. so, what children see, do or hear at this age will shape their entire future.

In a study it is found that as little as two hours of screen time daily can be harmful to a child’s health, impacting his or her thinking and language skills.

Some pediatrics advises that kids’ screen time should be limited to two hours or less per day, with no screen time for those age 2 and younger.

But in today’s digital world, it is not easy to cut off the screen time completely for kids. Often, due to workloads and nuclear family parents give gadgets and smart screens to their kids to engage them. These smart screens offer creative and engaging content that easily grab the interests of children.

But today’s digital everything depends on technology and we have to be on par with it. So, you really can’t take them completely off technology because that will just handicap them in the future. So, we have to limit the screen time and indulge them in other activities.

Here I am suggesting some ideal which will help you to reduce the screen time for toddler….

Set a Schedule

Set the time for all activities for your toddler so they know when they can watch television or use other gadgets. You can also set time for the whole family to watch Television together or play video games. Also, ensure parents’ control over the content your child is being exposed to.

Set Screen-free zone at home

Make a screen-free zone at home especially in the kid’s room and dining place. This will safeguard your child’s eating and sleeping habits are not affected.

Encourage children to read books

Encourage your kid to read books, you can also read stories to them. There are many storybooks, rhymes books, and educational books are available online or in the market.

Encourage physical activity

Encourage your child for physical activities for at least one hour a day. Active kids aren’t thinking about what they are missing on TV. Get kids involved in sports at an early age to keep them active. You can also involve them in your exercise time or yoga activities or you can play with them.

Inform children about the effects of excess screen time.

Your child should know why he or she is not being allowed to watch television or play with mobile for long. Explain to your child the dangers of too much screen time and your child will obey your instructions.

Set an example

Children only imitate what their parents do. That’s why parents also need to limit their screen-time to set a good example for their little one. And the child will follow the same.