As we all know that Home is a child’s first school and parents are the child’s first teacher as children spend most of their time at home with their parents. Every child needs a good role model, especially when we live in a society that is driven by people in the spotlight. Nowadays, trends, attitudes, and behaviors are made popular by influencers.

Children learn most from their parents, and if you act as a role model for your child, it may help in positively shaping your child’s future. As we have seen very often that children copy their parents. When they are very small and can’t eat by themselves but whenever they see their parents eating by their hands then they also try to eat by their own hands, many children try to dress like their parents, etc. they try to be like their parents and if you act as a role model for your child, it may help in positively shaping your child’s future.

Some ways to be a role model

1. Healthy Living

When we eat properly and exercise regularly, not only does it improve our own lives, but it sets an example for our children as well. Childhood obesity can lead to depression and disease. Keep yourself inside the healthy range for where you are in life. The living of a healthy life is a model that your child might keep with them for life.

2.Check-in with yourself

“Checking in” to evaluate your behavior is a beautiful practice — and it’s healthy for your child to see and hear you doing it, too. Self-improvement should always be on our minds.

3. Hard work

One of the best things that a parent can inculcate in a young child is the importance of hard work and being proud of what you have done. You should tell your child that hard work is the only key for success and this should be reflected in your work also. Also, teach your child the importance of time as everything should be finished on time and we should try to complete our task on time.

4. Take care of yourself.

 Being your best starts with taking good care of yourself — getting enough sleep, making time to exercise, eating good food, and finding healthy ways to manage negative emotions without lashing out. Depleting yourself by constantly putting other people’s needs first is not a good move. That’s not the kind of future you want for your kid — so don’t model it, yourself.

5.Respect and Listening

If you want to teach your kids how to be confident, it starts by showing them respect for who they are and listening to their unique thoughts. They have a lot of things to tell you. So, don’t teach them always and try to listen to them also. This will develop the habit of listening and respecting others in them.


Releasing our emotions, whatever they may be, is healthy, and reduces stress. But doing in front of children has major consequences. They can ask may question which may not be answerable by you. So, try to control your emotions or temper in front of your child.

7. Be positive

Always try to be positive in front of your child. Try to be positive about everything so your child adopts the same thing. It doesn’t mean to be unrealistic about everything but t means to take every difficulty as a challenge and deal with it. 

8. Start early

Try to start teaching good habits, values from starting when your child is too young. Children learn slowly. So, it is better for teaching simple – simple things slowly rather than taking massive steps after.

9. Don’t overdo

Though your intentions are genuine, don’t overdo with your attempts to become good role models for their children. Refrain from acting dishonestly in front of your child because eventually, your child will judge your genuineness. Keep it simple; keep it real.