Sacred flower of india “Brahma Kamal”

How many of us have heard about the most valued, sacred flower of India – ‘Brahma Kamal’? Perhaps a very few of us! If you derive to know about the astounding remedial facts of this super flower, I am sure many of us would become a diehard fan of it.

Brahma lotus, it is considered to be the flower of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. This flower found at the heights of the Himalayas also holds its mythological importance. Regarding this flower, it is believed that it fulfills the desires of man. This lotus is of white color which is really attractive to see, it is also found in many mythological stories.

This flower, which blooms only between July and September in the year, stops at midnight. Brahma lotus is full of medicinal properties. It is dried and used in cancer medicine.

According to religious beliefs, Brahma is the favorite flower of the lotus goddess Nanda, so it is broken at the time of Nandashtami and there are strict rules for breaking it.