When it comes to time management at home with a toddler, I think it is the toughest. In many ways it’s more challenging than time management at work. There are often less organized structures, but its seems like 24 hours are not enough to all the tasks.

To help you manage your time better, I have come up with few time management tips for your household.

Plan your week

Plan your week in advance is the best ideal to utilize the time properly. By this you get to know about hoe much spare time do you have this week and you everything will be scheduled so you will not forget anything which is important. Once you know what you have to do, you’ll have a more accurate idea of the time available to do what you want to do.

Sit down on a Sunday morning and create a plan for the whole week.

Put the things on their right place

No one wants to waste time, but we all do it. The trick is to get better at doing it less.

One way that works? Make sure everyone puts things back. Put things back exactly where they belong even if it seems to take longer than it should. Changing where something goes is the same as implementing a new system. Unless everyone does it, the system won’t work. So, try that every member of the family should follow this.

Division of work

Every member of the family should contribute in house hold work, specially when toddler or baby is at home. So as per the expertise the work should be divided between husband and wife or among all members of the family.

Get up earlier

If you’re busy, sooner or later, you’ll want to know how to wake up earlier to create some time. Even if you gain an extra 10 or 15 minutes, it makes a positive difference to how you feel about your day.

Elect wash days

Laundry is the biggest task when you are having a baby in a home. So, decide the wash days and do your laundry at time so cloths will not get piled up. And you will get clean stuff when you need it.

Set Timers

set timers or put a big clock in a wall so that you can finish each task on time. By this you will be able to complete your activities on time and also by end of the you could complete you whole work.

Good Sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial and can really affect your mood. You will find it very difficult to get motivated to stick to a household routine if you are tired, so rest up as much as you can.

Make time for yourself

 Having a routine that is all yours is also beneficial, especially if you want to keep hold of your sanity! Take some time for yourself as it is very important to increase your productivity. You can do anything that you like. For example, you can read a book, do a face clean-up, listen to your favorite music, etc…